Title: Tamania


1)Waves in the Moonlite

2)Swamp by the Sea

3)Dawn in Tasmania

4)Fortescue Bay

5)The Lone Frog

6)The Gurgling Ocean

7)Frogs By The Sea

8)Dawn At Rowallan Dam

9)Cosy Corner

Title: Sepilok Borneo


1)Dawn in Borneo

2)Afternoon Rain

3)Jungle Night

Title: Dawn At Warrunbungles

1)Dawn At Warrunbungles

Title: Colours of Nature


1)Dawn by the Stream

2)The Sound of Morning

3)Distant Storm

4)Bats in the old Gold Mine

5)Frogs of Yadboro Flats

6)Raindrops from the Shelter

Title: The Sound of Summertime


1)Dawn at Goulburn River

2)Afternoon Storm

3)Cockatoos by the Stream

4)Frogs of the Plains

5)Cathedral Rocks by Night

6)Fruit Bats in the Fig

Title: The Watering Hole

CoverArt TheWateringHole(600px).jpg

1) The watering hole

Title: Yadboro Flats

CoverArt YadboroFlats(600px).jpg

1) Yadboro Flats

Title: Raindrops On The Tent

CoverArt RaindropOnTheTent(600px).jpg

1) Raindrops on the tent

Title: At Peace

CoverArt AtPeace(600px).jpg

1) Moonlit stream

2) Call of the Lyre Bird

3) Insects by the stream

4) Swamp frogs

5) Under the rapids

6) The rush of water

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