The Wire Fence

Wire fences can produce some amazing sounds when you attached contact microphones to them. These sounds have been used in movie sound effects through out the years including in the Stars Wars movies. This sound clip is of a wire fence being hit and flicked.

Moving Winds

Contact microphones provide a unique way of hearing the world. They work by picking up vibrations of what ever they are attached too. As the wind was blowing a gail I decided to capture the sound of sand particles hitting a tin with contact microphones. …

The World According to Sound

The Word According to Sound has featured a recording of ants I made in one of its podcasts. It was recorded with contacts microphones placed near the nest of ants in the Golburn River National Park, NSW, Australia. It features the sound of the ants walking on and biting the microphones. …

Nature Sound Recording Group

True Nature Sounds is a Soundcloud group dedicated to nature sounds from around the world. The group is moderated for quality and to make sure that only nature sounds appear on it. Anyone with a Soundcloud account is welcome to submit sounds to the group.

Lyre Bird Alarm / Ring Tone

A new tone for iPhones isavailable!! This tone features the sound of male Lyre Bird practicing hisrepetition of call at the Washpool National Park in NSW. This is only available for iPhones at the moment.


Step 1)

Right click on the following link and select “Save Link As". …

Kookaburra Alarm / Ring Tone

Free Kookaburra alarm / ring tone for iPhones!! This tone features the sounds of Kookaburra’s laughing in the Goulburn River National Park. This is only available for iPhones at the moment.


Step 1)

Right click on the following link and select “Save Link As". …

Northern Territory

New photos from a trip to the beautiful Northern Territory are now up. View here. Full ofspectacular sights and sounds the Northern Territory is a place of true beauty. The Aboriginal rock art through out the Territory is a must see and gives us a true insight into the true history of Australia and the deep understanding of the land.

Interactive Flash Zone

The interactive flash part of the website is finally up and running! The first one is a interactive nature sound map that lets you click on the different animals to hear them. It was my first attempt at making something like it so my collage skills are a bit rough but the sounds are awesome. …

Sound of Ants Video

For awhile now I have been thinking of making some video recordings to go along with my nature sounds. I had some footage from the start of the year that I shoot in the Goulburn River national park and today I finally sat down and put it together! …

Flightrader 24

Airplanes are really annoying when trying to record the sounds of nature. I remember tracking Lyre birds one morning at the Washpool National Park. I finally got with in 20ft from that had just started a to sing and dance. I hit record, feeling excited about how awesome this recording is going to be, only to hear the distant sound of a jet coming. …

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